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French Magnificence Making a Splash in Hong Kong

Experience the royal legacy and sumptuous French delights as DALLOYAU launches in Hong Kong this year. Inspired by the regal Versailles décor and paired with a unique “de-luxing” design approach, world renowned designers Yabu Pushelberg take fine dining to an unprecedented level. The restaurant’s prime location, coupled with unrivaled French cuisine, will undoubtedly seize the spotlight in Hong Kong.

Splendour in both culinary arts and interior designs

To create the most extraordinary experience for diners, interior architecture is inseparable from culinary resplendence. Award-winning international design firm Yabu Pushelberg took on their first restaurant project, designing DALLOYAU Hong Kong based on three resplendent concepts: The Palace of Versailles, Marie Antoinette, and Black & White. The designers experimented with clean lines, defined space, luscious colors and various lightings and materials to juxtapose the historical richness and modernity of the brand.

Distinct colors and themes can be discerned from the four zones of DALLOYAU Hong Kong: LA BOUTIQUE DALLOYAU and Le Café DALLOYAU, as well as a French fine dining restaurant ÉPURE inside and a French garden Le Terrasse, Rich textures and details of the interior infuse a sublime French heritage. Rare materials and custom furnishings contribute to the signature look of the restaurant.


Opéra - The world-renowned Opéra cake

The Opéra as created by DALLOYAU in 1955 was probably the most famous gateau of the 20th century. With every bite, all flavours can be tasted in a perfect balance of the power of coffee, the intensity of chocolate and the sweetness of almond. When Andrée Gavillon, the ballet-loving wife of the current co-presidents' grandfather, first tasted this dessert with its understated elegance, she declared, “This gateau reminds me of the stage at the Opéra,” a tribute to an Opéra ballerina.
Thus a legend was born.

Chocolates - Classic bonbons in a class of its own

Made fresh daily by our chocolatiers, DALLOYAU offers a generous range of 22 cocoa – infused milk to dark chocolates that bear intense and natural flavors made from traditional French technique. Only the finest ingredients that the world can offer are used, 100% natural colourings and entirely free of preservatives, each morsel expresses the French art of living.

Macarons - The precious jewel of confections

DALLOYAU is the most primeval house to make macarons, with unique recipes kept a close secret for more than 300 years. The addition of our superb home-made almond paste, 100% natural colourings and entirely free of preservatives resulting in the exclusive and irreplaceable taste.

Saint-Honoré Chantilly - A traditional dessert made signature by DALLOYAU

The Saint-Honoré Chantilly, named after the French patron saint of bakers and patisserie chefs, is a circle of puff patisserie at its base with a ring of pâte à choux. Made with Madagascar Bourbon vanilla instead of the classic cream puff, DALLOYAU once again reinvented a classic patisserie.

Religieuse - An almost religiously revered patisserie

Made with choux patisserie, cream and flavoured glaze, Religieuse represents a nun in a habit. Created with a special mold and unique recipe, DALLOYAU offers a selection of the Religieuse with either coffee or passion & mango flavour.

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