History & Story
    A great classic of Maison DALLOYAU, revisited in 2019 by Jérémy Del Val, L’échiquier was created for all chocolate lovers. ... So why choose, when you can have both? Its ultra-crunchy nutty crunch leaves no one unmoved either. The DALLOYAU chessboard is decorated with 3D chocolate pawns, towers and horsemen, as it should be in the land of fools, ladies and kings
    Order Lead Time
    3 days
    Ingredients & Recipe
    62% dark chocolate mousse, 33% milk chocolate cream, hazelnut dacquoise biscuit, crunchy Piedmont hazelnut
    Texture & Taste
    Pure chocolate duo with silky 33% milk chocolate and 62% dark chocolate mousse, complemented with ultra-crunchy hazelnut crunch
    How to enjoy?
    Enjoy while it is fresh
    What's the occasion?
    - Birthday
    - Anniversary
    - Mother's Day
    - Father's Day
    - Graduation
    Keeping & Storing
    - Should be consumed on the day of purchase
    - Store in refrigerator at 1 - 4°C is recommended