Opéra - Fall Tunes by Chu Ka Ming
Opéra - Fall Tunes by Chu Ka Ming

Opéra - Fall Tunes by Chu Ka Ming

    History & Story
    Local Artist Mr Chu Ka Ming is a lover of nature and painting, spending extensive time using multitudes of painting tools, through the bone-chilling cold and sweltering heat, to fully embrace the beauty of wetland scenery so that it will remain. His collection of some 100 oil paintings featuring his footprints and emotions about Nam Sang Wai over the years were displayed at the “Obsession with Nam Sang Wai” exhibition in 2017.
    Order Lead Time
    3 days
    Ingredients & Recipe
    Coffee Joconde sponge, coffee cream, 70% chocolate ganache, chocolate glaze
    How to enjoy?
    Allow the cake to stand at room temperature for 10 minutes for the best texture and flavour before serving. Eat all the layers in one go to enjoy a heavenly combination of flavours and textures
    What's the occasion?
    - Birthday
    Keeping & Storing
    - Should be consumed on the day of purchase
    - Store in refrigerator at 1 - 4°C is recommended