Trio Coffee Tart
Trio Coffee Tart

Trio Coffee Tart

    History & Story
    A delight for coffee & chocolate lovers featuring rich and silky-smooth coffee mousse crafted with Swiss coffee beans soaked overnight in cream and white chocolate, 66% crispy dark chocolates, coffee sponge biscuit, Mascarpone cheese cream and a crunchy tart shell.
    Ingredients & Recipe
    White coffee mousse, 66% dark chocolate croustillant, coffee sponge biscuit, mascarpone cream, tart shell
    Order Lead Time
    3 days
    How to enjoy?
    Enjoy while it is fresh
    Texture & Taste
    A rich and silky-smooth white coffee mousse combines with the crunchy tart shell for a delicious marriage of flavour and texture.
    Keeping & Storing
    - Should be consumed on the day of purchase
    - Store in refrigerator at 1 - 4°C is recommended