Inventor of French Taste Since 1682

Discovered by Louis XIV in 1682, the DALLOYAU "Officiers de Bouche" had dazzled the Court of Versailles until the French revolution. In 1802, the DALLOYAU family founded the first "Maison de Gastronomie" at the 101, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. Over the generations, the family nurtured and conveyed the excellence of its expertise to all the gourmets in France and around the world. DALLOYAU shares the French art de vivre with avant-garde and mythical creations.


Louis XIV

The origin of DALLOYAU goes back to 1682, when Louis XIV settled his Court in Versailles. Charles DALLOYAU officiated as a baker for the Prince de Condé at the Chantilly Castle. Louis XIV discovered his talent and named him official baker at the Court of Versailles. First hired as an assistant, Richard DALLOYAU became head of “paneterie” and “fruiterie” for the Grand Condé, King of France’s cousin.

The baker provided daily to the King his favourite bread. Bread that only bakers could produce. The “chef of paneterie” (baker) ensured bread, linen and cutlery for princely tables.


Marie Leszczynska
Queen of France

From 1748, the DALLOYAUs were at the service of Marie Leszczynska and the grande bourgeoisie.  Mathurin DALLOYAU, first serving the Bourbon family, was then appointed “chef de fruiterie”. Antoine DALLOYAU, Mathurin’son, became “hâteur”. Joseph DALLOYAU, Charles’son, became “potager”.

The “chef de fruiterie” preserved and chose fruits, prepared salads, created desserts and enhanced the princely tables.  The “hâteur” or “rôtisseur” prepared meats, dressed, cooked and grilled them for the roast service. The “potager” was in charge of the confection and the invention of new soups.


Marie-Antoinette d’Autriche
Queen of France

The DALLOYAUs were at the service of Marie-Antoinette and the grande bourgeoisie.  Jean-Louis DALLOYAU, Charles DALLOYAU’s grandson, became “chef de cuisine” of Jean Baptiste du Plessis d’Argentré.  Joseph-Antoine DALLOYAU,Joseph’s son, was “tapissier de la fourrière” for Queen Marie-Antoinette.  Pierre Jean-Baptiste DALLOYAU Antoine’grandson, was “feutier” for the Duc of Berry.

The “chef de cuisine” prepared starters and side dishes, created delicacies and sauces.  The “tapissier de la fourrière” was the bedroom valet. The “feutier” took care of the heating in the castle.


The French Revolution

After the French Revolution, accustomed to revitalising and whetting the appetites of an aristocracy that served as a reference for all European royal courts, the DALLOYAUs reinvented themselves.
They launched innovative concepts, while preserving the excellence of their expertise.


First Gastronomy House

Jean-Baptiste DALLOYAU founded in 1802 the first "Maison de Gastronomie"with a revolutionary concept : the take-away.

In 1820, Antoine Etienne DALLOYAU, "limonadier" (beverages), opened the first tearoom.

In 1898, Achille Henri DALLOYAU, created the first Parisian "glacerie" (ice cream making) and founded the trade-union for pastry.


Cyriaque Gavillon

DALLOYAU and Cyriaque Gavillon came together in a meeting of heart and mind. Descendant of a line of renowned pastry chefs and cooks - Joseph Gavillon, his father, performed as a pastry chef at the Ritz Hotel - he decided to pursue the work of the DALLOYAU dynasty by taking the lead of DALLOYAU.

From 1949, Cyriaque began an extensive movement of modernisation of the House. His wife Andrée was the soul of the boutique. She often welcomed well-known names from fashion and cinema industries and from the whole city of Paris.

An artist and craftsman, Cyriaque reflected French-style grand recepetions. He created sugar decorations for film sets and launched the first cookery features in "ELLE" magazine with Mapie de Toulouse Lautrec.



Cyriaque invented the Opéra cake, in honour of the petits rats (child ballet students) of the Opéra, one of the House's creations that made it an institution.

The Opéra revolutionised the world of pastry making, used to round shaped and layer cakes.

It inspired great changes within the French pastry world.

Years 1970-2010

A visionary house

In 1966, Nadine Gavillon, Cyriaque and Andrée’s daughter, decides to go to Japan for a full year. This determining year will mark the start of a great adventure, the one that will turn DALLOYAU into an international brand.

In 1997, DALLOYAU is the first brand to introduce the macaron in Asia.

Always in tune with the lifestyles of the markets where it established itself, DALLOYAU is the first brand to reduce the amount of sugar and alcohol in its pastries. As a visionary, Nadine Gavillon developed the spirit of the House in creating the visual identity, an integrated trends office or a Research and Development department. Her children, Christelle Bernardé and Stéphane Raymond-Bernardé succeeded to her in 2010 with the ambition to preserve the DALLOYAU excellence in order to present the true French good taste to the world.


The investment fund Perceva, shareholder since 2010, became the sole owner of Dalloyau in 2015.

They appoint Véronique Rosso-Rebert, President of the pole "Dalloyau Retail" France and International, then Stéphane Facchin, President of the "Dalloyau Receptions". Both of them aim to accelerate the pace of development for Dalloyau France and abroad, in B2B and B2C.

With more than 100,000 visitors a month through its 39 boutiques in France and around the world (with 22 shops in Japan), DALLOYAU intends to pursue its pace of expansion and openings in 2017.

The Receptions Service DALLOYAU is booming; with more than 6,000 events organized a year, this activity represents half of the turnover DALLOYAU France.

With a rich and unique heritage in the world, DALLOYAU develops today a creativity which is only limited by the taste.