History & Story
    Created by the great Cyriaque Gavillon in 1955, the revolutionary Opéra Cake was avant-garde in its precise, geometric presentation of eight delicately thin layers. With the intensity of 70% dark chocolate ganache, coffee cream, espresso-soaked joconde biscuit base and gold-foiled chocolate thins, the cake is an explosive convergence of flavours and a regal sight. When opera lover Andrée Gavillon first tasted the cake, the wife of Cyriaque immediately compared it to the stage of the Opéra Garnier in Paris. Thus, the Opéra Cake was born.
    Ingredients & Recipe
    Coffee Joconde sponge, coffee cream, 70% chocolate ganache, chocolate glaze
    Order Lead Time
    3 days
    How to enjoy?
    Allow the cake to stand at room temperature for 10 minutes for the best texture and flavour before serving. Eat all the layers in one go to enjoy a heavenly combination of flavours and textures
    Texture & Taste
    Eight layers of pure deliciousness with a delightfully creamy texture, this classic French pastry is every coffee and chocolate lover's dream come true!
    Keeping & Storing
    - Should be consumed on the day of purchase
    - Store in refrigerator at 1 - 4°C is recommended